Chava Shinault, Licensed Electrologist

My name is Chava (Havah) Shinault and I am a Licensed Electrologist since 2007. I am a Los Angeles native (Angeleno) and my family and I relocated to northern CA in January of 2018. I graduated from the American Institute of Education in Long Beach, CA and passed the State Board Exam in Glendale, CA shortly afterward.

Becoming an electrologist as a profession began when I started to experience unwanted hair growth or hirsutism due to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Electrolysis helped me in multiple ways, leaving me happier, healthier and more confident. It worked!!! Removing the hair helped to enhance my self esteem and it feels genuinely good to help others the way it helped me.

My journey with electrolysis began in high school when the temporary methods I was using to remove my facial hair were harming rather than helping. It became a “hairy situation” to say the least. When my mom told my teenage self that there was a permanent way to remove my hair growth I was elated, relieved and in disbelief. "You mean there was an answer to this misery?"

I am someone who has always disliked needles and when I learned that electrolysis involved an electric current and needles it honestly didn’t phase me because I wanted to be free of my pesky hairs. I was both motivated and intrigued with the process. Talk about improving my self esteem and confidence!

I’ve had the pleasure of working in various settings which include: a plastic surgery office in Beverly Hills, working with electrologists in Westwood and Los Angeles proper, an acupuncture office in Roseville and now I work in my home office.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit Juicy Roots Electrolysis and Skin Care and hope that you choose me as your electrologist to rid you of your unwanted hair permanently. You will be so pleased with the results that you very well may want to start a new area. Whether it’s an aesthetic reason for your hair growth, hormonal, or personal I am here to help you become hair free and silky smooth.

I look forward to meeting you!

View of Juicy Roots Electrolysis Home Office, Roseville CA
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View of Juicy Roots Electrolysis Home Office, Roseville CA
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